Sunday, May 2, 2010

The First of May

Tom participated in the Studio Sale yesterday at Clifton Studios.  We dropped in and out, chatting with a variety of friends and relatives.  It was great to see people we hadn't seen in a while, and get to know some of the new members of Clifton Studios.  The kids flogged raffle tickets and managed to stay away from the snack table for reasonable periods of time, but certain items were just too tempting -- the Girl Guide cookies, the pineapple square, which had its fair share of fans!  Kai is struggling with new braces, so he was amazed to find he could manage a few less crunchy items.  Tom's made a lot of work since we got back from Australia, but now he has to fire it.  So that's the next deadline on his artistic agenda.  We're having a spate of rainy weather, but nothing smells better than the backyard poplar tree in the rain.  And the new leaves on trees are so shiny and green, banishing the gray and grit of winter's residue.

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