Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tom is off the hook...

When we returned from Aus., and were settling into our house and life in Winnipeg, we came out to the back yard one morning to find the license plates stolen from the van.  Welcome to the 'hood!!  That was actually the second time the plates had been stolen from the van.  Maybe the assumption is that a "mothership" is a smart vehicle to boost as no one will suspect the family van of being suspicious.  The cops told me that the plates are often used for a 'gas and dash' ... put the stolen plates on the stolen vehicle, fill up with fuel, and take off.

So we reported it, coughed up $50 for a new set of plates (thanks a lot) and off we went.  Fortunately I remembered to change the plate number with our parking services, or there might have been a ticket in the work parking lot.

In early June, Tom received a subpoena to attend court on July 13, which he resisted mightily as it's his birthday and he didn't want to stand around all day waiting for the case to move forward.  It took a few days to find out why he was being asked to attend -- the name on the subpoena wasn't anyone we knew and the charge was a weapons charge.  We had no clue.  After a few days of waiting (messages are NOT returned quickly) we discovered it has to do with the plates and his name is on the registration of the vehicle.  Phew... it wasn't someone from his past claiming who knows what... the mind can run riot!

Just today we got a call that a guilty plea has been entered and Tom is free to have a happy birthday without having to stand around the Law Courts.  You go!! 

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