Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Bottom of the Birdcage...

Winnipeg in spring is like the bottom of the birdcage -- grit and sh*t. The sand that has beend dumped on streets and sidewalks for months to decrease the effects of winter is left behind when the ice and snow melt.  And we're having an earlier start to spring than usual.  With a few days to go before the official start of spring, it's almost all melted in the city.  Temperatures have been above zero for days now, so the snow piles are disappearing.  The other debris left behind, other than all the trash which people dump, is doggy doo doo.  Thus the effect of being at the bottom of the birdcage.

The City is starting  its spring clean up earlier this year, so hopefully we won't have as much dust blowing around as could be possible.  The rivers are starting to break up... some spots on the Red near my work place are now open water.  But the big ice chunks still will be moving by, which is always a spectacular sound and sight.  Other spots are slush and rotten ice, with water filling the gaps of ski and skating trails.  You know it's almost over when the buds start swelling on the trees, and bits of green show up beside south-facing walls.  And dandelions will be here soon to cheer us on our way.  Fargo (400 km to the south) is dealing with its flood surge this week.  Here's a blog to check out:  Fargo Flooding

To add to our fun, we have introduced a new member to our household.  Kallista the dog, named after a little town near Ferny Creek.  We wanted to remember Australia in some way with the name of the pooch -- names like Adelaide, Alice (for Alice Springs) were tossed around, but Kallista fits.  She is 3 1/2 months old, an apricot-coloured standard poodle.  Bouncy as... still working on the toilet training, but our goal is to pick up the debris, not to leave it to melt all over the city.  The kids are coping remarkably well -- I'm the one who is a bit stressed out about it all, but that's probably because I'm  not sleeping very well right now.  Too much to think about? Or worry about?  Don't know which one it is, but the effects are not fun.  Oh well -- it's happened before and will abate again.  Could even be the dreaded hormones, which always have a way of rearing their effects.

Regardless, we are hearing more birds starting to think about their own expanding households.  And daylight savings time has intruded on our morning light, so we'll have to wait another month before we get the morning light again.  But standing out in the yard with Kallista in the early mornings is gorgeous -- crisp, frosty, fresh.  And the evening walks are fun instead of being wickedly cold. 

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