Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Meet the new member of our household! I think she's grown at least 1/3 more than when we met her and brought her home.  Lots of eating, and lots of... running, playing, getting to know us.  We are a bit overwhelmed at times, but we all have our skills.  Kai is a master of grooming... the dog lies down and takes it, instead of biting the hand and brush, as she does to me.  Nicole likes to pick her up -- must be good for that upper body strength as the dog grows.  Gabe is up early in the morning and takes her out for her first pee of the day (the outside one, that is!!!).  

I am basically the individual she imprinted on for some reason, so she follows me around like a slavish little fan... a bit annoying, but entertaining.  Doglike devotion.  Undying love.  I hope I deserve it.  Today she discovered the wonders of the good barbecue smells, when Tom fired up the barbie for the first time back here.  Warm day, gusty winds, time to fire up the barbie to celebrate the onset of spring.  And the real sounds of spring showed up last night when I was out with the dog before we went to bed... two honking geese flying overhead.

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  1. What kind of dog is Kallista? I bet the kids love having her around - never took you for a dog-lover??? Love the new blog - good on ya for keeping it up!!!